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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Colorful World of Murano Glass Jewelry

As you may already know, Murano is a small island just north of Venice and it has been the undisputable capital of Venetian glass for ages. Glass production in Murano started in 1291 when the Venetian Republic forced all of the glassmakers to move their entire workshops and factories out of the city to this now-famous Island. Murano jewelry and glasswork has been renowned around the world for centuries for the styles, quality of work and of course all the gorgeous colors.

When Murano jewelry is created, it all starts with the manufacture of the colored glass canes. This is probably one of the hardest parts in making the jewelry because the chemical compounds involved in making the glass colored are extremely sensitive. One of the biggest challenges that glassmakers have when they are attempting to achieve a certain color is adding in the chemical compounds not only because they are so sensitive but also because they must be mixed with complete accuracy to achieve a certain shade.

For Murano jewelry to come out beautiful, it takes a master craftsman in order to get the colors correct. For example, in order to create the amazing color of aquamarine, you need to add in a fusion of cobalt and copper. This takes someone who knows exactly how to mix the chemicals for them to retain their properties in the heat of the glass-making process, and how much of each chemical to add into the glass. Once these colorful glass canes are created, they may be used for all sorts of Murano jewelry, lamps and even beadwork.

Glass beadwork is something that is very fashionable right now. Not only is Murano jewelry some of the best-looking and unique beaded jewelry in the world, but it is also of the highest quality. In the world of glass collectors, designers, and admirers, Murano Island is a special and symbolic place. Glassmakers are still working there and some of the greatest glass beads, jewelry, artwork, and chandeliers are produced on this amazing island. While the island of Murano is not so easy to get to, the World Wide Web has made Murano jewelry more accessible.

Searching the Internet is a fantastic option for those who want to find these amazing glasswork pieces, as there are websites offering various pieces of Murano jewelry for sale. However, one needs to be careful when buying Murano glass jewelry, because in recent years there have been many fake pieces and counterfeits from China and other countries offered for sale as “Murano Glass”. Every Murano glass buyer needs to know that Murano glass can only be produced on Murano Island within Venice, Italy. All other places of origin produce counterfeits.

When you purchase authentic Murano jewelry, you know that you are not only getting a piece of jewelry, you are actually getting a piece of history and art. This amazing art of glassmaking has been around for centuries and still today, Murano glassmakers are among the city’s most prominent citizens. Back in the olden days, many of the glassmakers that migrated to Murano Island held a lot of commercial and economical power simply because of all of the knowledge that they held in those days. Today, these incredible glassmakers are held in high respect for their work.

Murano jewelry is world-famous and has been exported all over the world for years. Whether you are looking for an unusual pendant, a pair of beautiful earrings, or any other stylish piece of jewelry, by buying Murano glass you create a unique and beautiful look that will impress everyone around you.

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