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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How to Make Beaded Jewelry - Upgrade Your Bead Jewelry Making by Trying Bead Weaving

If you are primarily making bead jewelry using bead stringing techniques, I recommend that you give bead weaving a try.

Unlike bead stringing where you run your string or wire through a set of beads in one direction, with bead weaving you will criss-cross both ends of your wire or string within selective beads depending on the jewelry pattern.

There are a huge variety of patterns available from very simple weaves to extremely complex and intricate weaves. The complex ones can be fun to try, but in my opinion the simple weaves using a variety of different colored beads make more attractive jewelry pieces.

If you have gotten used to the simplicity of bead stringing, then when you first look at a piece of jewelry that has been made using bead weaving you may think it is too complicated for you to do. Don't let this stop you from giving it a try because I promise you that it is easier than it looks.

There are a few basic patterns you have to learn but once you have practiced those and have them down, you will be able to weave most anything. I bead weave not only necklaces and bracelets, but even rings as well. A matching set of a weaved necklace, bracelet, and ring makes quite an impression.

And if you are in the business of selling your jewelry, bead weaving gives you an advantage because not many jewelry makers are doing it. This means your jewelry becomes unique in the eyes of your customers.

In addition, bead weaving makes the final jewelry piece look more complex so it has a higher perceived value (meaning you can get a higher price!) than jewelry made with bead stringing.

So if you are looking to kick your jewelry making into a higher gear, give it a shot. Your jewelry portfolio will take on a whole new and exciting look!

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