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Saturday, May 16, 2009

How to Make a Wire Spiral

Wire can make for a wonderful jewelry making supply. There are countless number of things that you can do with wire for interesting designs that can be added to your earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. The spiral is just one such element and in its own right has a lot to offer.

The word spiral can be used for a number of different types of projects. Because of that, I have included instructions for making a few different types of shapes and designs with your wire.

We will start with a basic spiral and work our way through spiraled coils, coils, and even two two sided coils.

Basic Spiral.

A basic spiral can best be achieved with a bit of patience, a pair of round nose pliers, flat nosed pliers, or combination pliers, a pair of wire cutters, and the wire of your choices. It is also a good idea if you dip your pliers in Tool Magic which will coat them in rubber. It doesn't change how they work, but it does protect your wire from nicks from your tool. This is especially useful if using a copper wire that has been coated a with a color of your choice.

Cut your wire. A good size for most spirals will be about 2", but longer wire will make larger spirals. Carefully wrap the first end of the wire around the round nose pliers (or the round nosed section of the combination pliers). This will form a small circle and the start for your spiral. Next carefully turn the circle on its side so that you can grip it with the flat nosed pliers (or the flat portion of the combination pliers). Carefully wrap the wire around the circle moving your griping pliers as needed. Continue around in a circle to form a spiral. You as the designer can decide how big and how tight you want this spiral to be. At the end of it you can bend a portion of the wire at a 90 degree angle. Use this section to form a loop or a wrapped wire loop with for attaching to your jewelry pieces.


Coils are usually not classified as spirals, but some do call them that. They are easy to make and can be used for a wide variety of things, including making jump rings. To make a coil find an object that is completely round and smooth. It should be narrow in diameter. This can be the smooth handle of a jewelry file or even a pen for a couple of ideas in different sizes. Cut a length of your coil. Slowly wrap the wire around the object. Press each coil close to the one before it. Make several coils and then slide them off the object. Carefully cut the end for a smooth service. You can now cut each coil into a jump ring or use the whole coil as a bead or focal point.

Spiral Coils.

Simple spirals can also be turned into spiral coils that can be used long wise. To do this you will want a basic spiral. Carefully pull the center of the spiral down so that the spiral works toward a coil. You can then hang the spiral so that it goes from the large portion downward or the opposite direction.

Spirals are great wire decorations that can be used for all sorts of decorations. You can also get creative and add beads to your spirals. Have fun with it and try new things for pieces that are unique and great eye catchers!

Author: Danelle Karth.

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